About us



About Us

Established 5 years ago, KAFAAT is a local Emarati L.L.C company that is serving the local as well as the regional market with up to date technology, smart solutions, and IT services.


At KAFAAT, we make use of our experience and mix it with the methodologies and developed frameworks to deliver unsurpassed ICT services. Each opportunity in KAFAAT represents a challenge to increase our maturity, a chance to analyze and tune our performance baseline, then, enhance our productivity. 

We have focused in giving the best IT consultancy services for more than five years now – our experience in software development and utilizing state of the art equipment to meet the needs and requirements of all our clients and customers.

Our family consists of talented and professional software developers, business professionals, and project managers who collaborate together to deliver effective technology solutions that can help enterprises gain reasonable return on investment.

Ultimate Objective

Three of our main objectives at Kafa’at are to ensure the superior quality of our products, to give continuous support to our customers, and to give affordable costs to all our products and services.

We bring together all our team’s experiences, values, and commitment at Kafa’at to develop and integrate high-quality web-based and smart technologies to the business strategies of our clients and incessantly assist them in their processes and along with this, we continue to strive hard and be the best company to give these kinds of services.

Moreover, we aim to achieve the following: 

  • Creating updated web-based technologies strategies to give enterprises a clear perspective on how these technologies can help in their business practices.
  • Developing software and technology solutions that can give organizations their needed information to support their business strategies.
  • Application of tested techniques and best practices and tools that can give the highest advantage to the organization and its operations.


Superior Product QualitySuperior Product Quality
After go-live supportAfter go-live support
Low product costLow product cost



Our mission is to provide high-quality and innovative technology solutions to our information technology consumers that meet and achieve their strategic objectives.

At Kafa’at, we help organizations to perform their services in an impeccable manner; hence, improve their business processes and make decision-making a lot easier and better.




To become a regional leader in designing and implementing innovation and best ICT services and practices.


  • Innovation and Smartness
  • Agility and Dynamism
  • Quality and Perfection
  • Commitment and Reliability
  • Enthusiasm and Passion to Success
  • Professionalism and Honesty
  • Quality of Work and Accuracy
  • Ethics and Honor