OffiX is a comprehensive, single shop, and one entry Sharepoint based application for doing all office operations.

The pivot idea of the solution is to have a system that is fully integrated. For example: The end user may create and circulate correspondence, define and track tasks associated to that correspondence, send or receive some artifacts related to that correspondence by fax or email, and\or call for a meeting to discuss the topic of the correspondence.  All the mentioned actions will be documented and integrated together, and also archived with different versions

Main Modules

OffiX consists of the following fully integrated main modules

OffiX Correspondence Management System

.   Full automation of correspondence exchange between
    departments and employees
.   Full tracking of correspondences
.   Dynamic creation of correspondence types and workflows
.   Intelligent filing and archiving of different related correspon
.   Electronic Signature
.   Automation of manual postal mails
.   Barcode integration
.   Email integration

OffiX Meeting Management System

.   Create meeting agendas, invite attendees through letters or emails, and send reminders through emails and SMSs
.   Document actions and comments related to each agenda item
.   Track progress and status of items (if converted to tasks)
.   Extract and circulate MOMs
.   Generate different progress and performance reports
.   Full integration with correspondence and task management modules

OffiX Task and Instruction Tracking System

.   Create, assign, and reassign tasks or instructions with due dates
.   Track progress and send reminders
.   Close tasks and circulate closure reports
.   Decomposition of tasks to subtasks
.   Full integration with correspondence and meeting management modules

OffiX Document Management System

.   A central space for employees to save their running docs into an online server based repository
.   Archiving and indexing documents
.   Archiving documents’ metadata and link it to physical documents
.   Versioning
.   Rich search
.   Full integration with all other modules

OffiX Fax Management System

.   Integration with faxes (Send & Receive automatically)
.   Record history and archive automatically
.   Integration with all other modules

OffiX Discussion Boards and Virtual Meetings

.   Automation of Delphi technique discussion board
.   Synchronous and Asynchronous virtual meetings
.   Automatic archiving of discussion events
.   Generation and circulation of discussion reports
.   ntegration with all other modules

OffiX eMail Management System

.   Same look and feel with Microsoft outlook
.   Send, receive and archive emails
.   Create groups and email templates
.   Fully integrated with other modules

OffiX other Features of the system

.   Responsive design that can run on PC, Tablet and Mobile
.   Executive dashboards for decision makers
.   SMS and email notification
.   Dynamic security (horizontal and vertical)
.   Dynamic statistical and transactions reporting
.   Error tracking handler
.   Rich Log and Event handling functionality